The quartz decors

Decors with quartz in it are only chips, there are 10 different colors available in our quartz decor. It gives a natural, light, glare effect on the surface such as a quartz stone. Natural Quartz decor is also to be mixed according to other sets and that effects so you can create different shades.

198 Cappuccino quartz

197 Tangerine quartz

196 Mirabelle quartz

195 Pistachio quartz

181 White quartz

182 Gray quartz

184 Blue quartz

185 Green quartz

186 Yellow quartz

187 Pink quartz

Combine the quartz decor with effects

Adding depending effects

181 with F20, F22 and M10

Here are the three effects Nr. F20, F22 and M10 added to the decor Nr. 181.

181 36, 1 to 5 ratio with F70 and G20

Here is the setting Nr. 181 mixed with the decor Nr. 36 ratio of 1 to 5. In addition, there are two effects added, F70 and G20.

182 15, 1 to 1 ratio with P2

The decor Nr. 181 is here mixed with decor Nr. 15, a ratio of 1 to 1. Also, it is a pearlescent effect P2 added.