Acoustics reports

The acoustics may differ per spray layer thickness, the cotton plaster absorbs the sound frequency, leading to less reflection. These reports have been drawn up by Level acoustics BV



Heat insulation

The insulation capacity of cotton plaster helps you longer preserve the heat generated by your heater, meaning that your central heater has to work less hard.

Better than spray insulation?

Insulating your hollow walls with artificial insulation such as PU and Polystyrene is a big procedure, in which you will eliminate the ventilation in your house, meaning that the exterior walls will stay moist / wet longer. Often, in the long term, this leads to moisture issues for the interior walls that will slowly become visible, such as a cabinet that leaves behind a black mold after a long time (2 years) or how about health issues that arise after a long time and of which you don’t know the cause.

When you give the interior of the house a vapor permeable but insulating treatment, you will have the perfect climate environment. Climate-Plaster offers you this possibility for a pleasant, but natural living climate. It is easier to keep the heat in, than the cold out.

Fire resistant

Fire resistance report

In the fire analysis of Efectis BV Climate-plaster cotton plaster successfully passed the 30 minute fire resistance test. This means that, when using Climate-plaster, the fire won’t spread as fast.