Climate-Plaster cotton plaster innovation for wall and ceiling finishing

Climate-plaster is a moisture regulating and acoustic cotton plaster. Climate-Plaster is made from ground cotton and cellulose as binder (wood and plant extract) it has many benefits over other finishing products.

It is:

– Sound insulation
– Heat insulation
– Construction ecologically sound
– Crack bridging
– Elastic
– Applicable on every subsurface*
– Fire retardant Bs1 class
– Odorless in use
– Invisible repairing
– Repaintable
– Mold resistant

Climate-plaster katoenpleister

Innovation is progress!

Climate-plaster is available in three different textures: fine, medium and coarse. The cotton plaster is available in many color shades. In addition to the basic collection, Climate-plaster can be delivered in all other RAL colors on request. In addition, it can be mixed with small effect particles in finishing, providing a very unique wall decoration. Logos and symbols in the Climate-plaster finishing are also possible.

It is a soft touch finishing product with a high resistance, making it perfectly suitable for apartments, homes, care homes, hospitals and daycares.

To apply the cotton plaster, it is possible to hire a professional company. To this end, check the contact page for companies that apply Climate-Plaster. Of course you can also apply it yourself, please see the instruction video.

* On a smooth and even subsurface, combined with a Climate-Plaster ISO-WB Fixation layer.
(See specification text on the product info page)

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