Standard an acoustic spray plaster

Climate-plaster is one of the only acoustic spray plasters available in all RAL colors while still being ecologically responsible.

Reverb in your living room?

In many, often modern, houses, there is reverb, due to the use of hard materials and flat, straight rooms, sound is not absorbed, it is reflected. You can prevent this by finishing your ceilings and walls with Climate-Plaster cotton plaster.

Improve the acoustics with cotton plaster

Cotton plaster absorbs the sound of music and speech frequencies. If you can hear yourself twice when you’re talking and you’re hearing an echo when you are playing or listening to music, cotton plaster could be the perfect solution.

4 millimeter

The acoustic value for a single layer of just 4 / 5 millimeter is max: 0.25 NRC in accordance with NEN – EN – ISO 354 : 2003

9 millimeter

Climate-plaster acoustic finishing in multiple spray layers of 8 / 9 millimeter in total is at: 0.45 NRC in accordance with NEN – EN – ISO 354 : 2003

Acoustic sound improving

The values differ in terms of spray layer thickness, the more layers, the better the acoustics. Various reports are available on the product information page, which you can download in PDF.

Product information